Friday 16 June 2017

AV Injection | Injection Moulding Logistics

Injection Moulding Logistics

AV Injection are dedicated to ensuring your injection moulded product is delivered to you on time, in the correct packaging and for the ordered quantity. 
  • - 'Real Time' up to date logistics information is available on the spot.
  • - Flexible supply: spot orders, schedules, JIT, ship to line/stock & kanbans.
  • - Substantial warehouse, facility will allow us to hold stock pending call off.
  • - You will be assigned an out of hours contact should the need arise.
  • - Deliveries via own fleet of vehicles and trusted third parties when required.
We use a ‘real time’ data system that monitors every cycle of every machine and feeds it back into our centralised computer system. AV Injection also hosts a 28,000 square feet fully operational warehouse.
Located in East Midlands, UK. our tactical location, just off the M1 motorway with nearby freight Airports of East Midlands and Sheffield and Doncaster Robin Hood airports, we are positioned to deliver your product anywhere on the planet.

Wednesday 3 May 2017

AV Injection | Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding

AV Injection are the UK's premier Plastic Injection Moulding company; all our Injection Moulders are experts. 
We operate over 30 injection moulding machines on a 7 day shift system, our constant shift pattern enables us to produce plastic moulds weighing up to 6.5kg. 
There are many advantages having your plastic moulding produced in the UK, not the least that AV Injection are at the forefront of Plastic Injection Moulding research and development. The use of digital quality control systems minimises discrepancies between moulds, ensuring the production of high quality Plastic Injection Moulding.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic Injection Moulding is still one of the UK’s most popular manufacturing processes, even after over 50 years of comprehensive use. Plastic pellets are melted and injected into a pre-made mould, high pressured air is them pumped into the mould to ensure that the plastic has completely covered the entire cavity. After the plastic has cooled, the mould is removed to leave a prefect replica of the desired specification.

Benefits of our Plastic Injection Moulding

  • - Plastic Injection Moulding size capability from less than a gram up to over 6kg.
  • - 24 Hour maintenance ensuring negligible machine downtime.
  • - All materials processed, including blends, filled, master batches and compounds.
  • - Robots, conveyors and inserters allow for press side operations.
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Friday 3 March 2017

Av Injection | Coca-Cola Case Study

Naturally we were excited when we received an inquiry from a Coca Cola licensed partner.
Whilst the project was simple, we produced the tool from our in house Tool Room, ensuring that the simple Coca Cola giant savings bottle top was 100% perfect.

Producing mass plastic injection moulded parts is simple provided that you are able to minimise the production cycle, which is hugely important in making our services not only quality competitive, but also price competitive. 
If you would like to discuss how we can help with your project please Contact Us.
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Wednesday 15 February 2017

AV Injection | Testimonials


Safe to say that AV Injection has once again maintained an outstanding delivery performance with no quality issues. Having managed to visit your site during the year I can also confirm that your facility is run to a very high standard which supports the above performance ongoing, please keep up the great work. Both your personal and your teams technical understanding of the manufacturing processes is world class together with your drive for extremely high standards and quality. Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and wish you even further success during the 2016 financial year.

Our Building Products company have used AV Injection for a number of years now, we would highly recommend their company as they have provided us with an excellent service and really care about their customers. They have catered for our individual needs and have been reliable and flexible at all times.  Delivery has always been prompt and the staff are welcoming are friendly to talk to.

We really appreciate, and expect to continue to have a long term relationship with AV Injection for years to come.

AV Injection and our company have enjoyed an extremely sound supplier / customer relationship for many years. Our thanks go the team at AVI for their help, capability and professionalism over these mutually fruitful years. We wish them every success for the future.

We continue to use AV Injection based on the services and quick response to our sometimes difficult requests for certain parts we ask them to manufacture. AV Injection have always provided our company with our requirements and never missed delivery dates or deadlines we have set. The quality of product produced is always excellent even though our demands are very high and cost element is crucial to our business. I have always found AV Injection a great solution to my problem. You have a great team of very good people who are never phased by our requirements from the first telephone call to the delivery of my products. If plastic injection moulding products are your need then may I suggest use AV Injection, look no further. Our Company have tried other more supposedly cost effective companies but have always been let down on product quality and delivery timescales.

Sincere thanks to your team for the assistance you gave us recently when you moulded 
some plastic housings on our behalf, due to a tooling concern here at Enflied. The commitment you demonstrated enabled us to maintain continuity of supply to our customers, with no disruption at all. Please pass on our special thanks to Paul Hitchcock, Tony Lee and Lee Rate who co-ordinated the operation with my team.
Again, our sincere appreciation for your strong support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank AV Injection and your team for the support with initial tool trails on tooling manufactured. The tools trails carried out at AV Injection plus the support and expertise offered by your team and your experience help both ourselves and our customer attain a production intent component in a timeframe which helps our company secure future business.
Your continuing support is appreciated.

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Friday 20 January 2017

AV Injection | What We Do

What We Do

AV Injection primarily offer a service to produce plastic injection moulded parts for many applications in varying industries across the world to predetermined customer specifications. We offer a full service from tool design, prototyping, tool manufacture, tool trial, plastic injection moulding, parts printing and assembly if required. A fully operational warehouse with expert logistical solutions ensures a real and smooth vertical operation.
We have Plastic Injection Moulding machines varying from 50 tonnes to 1100 tonnes and have the specialist capability of twin and triple shot machinery i.e, we can make products containing two or three colours on a single moulding, at the same time.
The moulding capacity of our machinery varies from 85 grams of shot weight up to 6.2 Kilo's, so we have a large scope to manufacture the smallest item, right up to over six kilograms.
AV Injection use the latest technologies, with significant automation that includes three axis and six axis robots. Our robotics keep production cycles and production inefficiencies to a minimum, helping to achieve highly competitive pricing.
We also offer other services that extrusion profiles and corrugated tubing along with blow moulding for plastic bottle manufacture.
We also have our own on site Tool Room using lathes, milling, grinding, spark eroding which can deal with any tool breakdowns in a fast and efficient manor., eradicating long tooling breakdowns. The quality department are accredited with British standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. AV Injection also operate a zero landfill policy trying to recycle as much as possible and are working towards the environmental standards 1401. 
For more information or to discuss your project please Contact Us.

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Wednesday 21 December 2016

AV Injection | Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers

Av Injection was approached to look at a solution in Plastic Injection Moulding using a raw material to make a vehicle barrier.
The material used has to be able to be Injection Moulded and at the same time be able to meet the customer high specification. The application is a barrier to stop vehicles driving into restricted areas. Test was carried out and can be seen on You Tube upon request.
The design of the mould was very important and the raw material were put to the test to withstand the extreme pressures and impact tests.
AV Injection were able to solve all the aspects of this project in finding the correct raw material, and getting the design of the mould tool to be able to produce a high quality part to meet the extreme impact forces needed.
To add to the service AV Injection were able to make the product with a very high standard outer surface finish.
For further information on any of our case studies or if you would like to discuss your project please Contact Us.

Friday 25 November 2016

AV Injection | Plastic Parts Printing

Plastic Parts Printing

Our Plastic Parts Printing solutions can be utilised across a wide range of products, from Disney character plates and mugs, through to Bosch lawnmowers. If your Injection Moulded Parts needs Printing, Spraying, Chroming, Conditioning, Testing, Welding, Inserting or Assembling then we can do it. 
We have a fully equipped on site plastic parts print department capable of Tampo, Label, Foil and Silk Screen Printing and Offset 6 Colour Printing. We also house a Parts Assembly Department, and our expert and dedicated team, who perform varied operations including Ultrasonic Welding, Heat/Thread insertion of brass and steel inserts, assembly, test and pack out.
Our Plastic Parts Printing service also couples with our Parts Assembly, enabling your parts to be fitted or assembled. Test Rigs can be manufactured by our in house maintenance department to ensure 100% product perfection with zero defects.
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