Wednesday 9 December 2015

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AV Injection - Plastic Moulding Tool
Based in the Midlands UK, AV Injection are the UK's leading Injection Moulding Manufacturers for a variety of industries. We are a leading Plastic Injection Moulding company with long established mould manufacturing relationships with many UK and International brands such as Aston Martin, Bosch and the BBC.

  • - Over 30 years injection moulding manufacturing and design experience.
  • - Established partnerships with local design houses.
  • - Injection Mould Prototyping including SLA, SLS, FDM, CNC & Silicone - lead time from 2 days.
  • - Pre production/Prototype tooling manufactured in as little as 2 weeks.
  • - Plastic Injection Moulding 3D modelling can be provided so the feel of the idea can be seen, touched and tested.
  • - Use of various CAD systems and Mould Flow analysing software that can show how your part can be produced.
  • - In house Tool room can produce prototype tooling in short lead times to produce a fully working model.
As premier UK Injection Moulding Manufacturers, AV Injection enjoy significant experience and knowledge of most raw materials ensuring that our injection moulding manufacturing design process avoids costly errors through using incorrect or unsuitable materials. If required we can offer a full trial operation for customers and UK Toolmakers allowing clear views, results and problem solving.
If you would like to discuss how AV Injection, premier UK Injection Moulding Manufacturers, could help with your injection moulding manufacturing project please Contact Us.

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