Wednesday 10 February 2016

Case Study | Bosch

AV injection purchased a Billion 1000 tonne Injection Moulding machine to be able to Injection mould a product for Bosch.
The Billion Injection Moulding machine that we use allows precise controls on injection speeds, pressure and temperatures, which are needed to produce detailed quality products.

AV Injection used a servo controlled robot to release the part from the mould and place onto a conveyor system. The servo motors give very accurate movements needed to remove this part from the mould tool. We then ensure that the component parts coming off the mould are well within the tolerance levels.
From this  position a three station rig was manufactured to hold the component in place. This rig had several locking toggle clamps that were set to very precise tolerances to keep the product flat.  After the original design was manufactured, a major modification was added to speed up the cycle time of the machine.
A series of cooling air fans were added below the three stations decreasing the cooling time so the product could be removed from the jig quicker, hence the cycle time improved dramatically. Sensors were fitted along with a programmable logic controller, programmed so only finished products could be released from the jig units.
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