Monday 22 June 2015

Case Study | Land Rover

This high tech Landrover tool came to AV Injection for initial tool trailing, the tool consisted of two hydraulic side actions/cores, one mechanical core, ten drop hot runner manifold, with a total tool weight of 6.3 tonne.
On initial start up it was apparent that there was a gate in-balance, as one impression was only 80% full. We removed the tool and re-checked the probe heights in relation to condition, seating and height position. We found that on tip was 15,000th too far forward, which restricted material flow to the cavity during the injection phase, which we corrected.

Landrover was on site during the trial and highlighted a slight gas / last point of fill which they wanted improving. We improved this by reducing lock, introducing injection profile, switching over to second stage earlier. We produced 30 samples and for Landrover for them to take away and test , all parts fitted correctly passing their stringent quality control, and we were delighted when we were commissioned for the full production run for the initial pilot build.
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