Wednesday 12 August 2015

Case Study | BT

British Telecom came to AV Injection for sampling, when we initially opened the tool we noticed that there was a heavy burn stain on the fixed half texture, this sort of stain is visible on the show face of the component. To solve the problem the fixed half was sent away to have a light sand blast to bring back a fresh clean finish to the grain and texture.

                    AV Injection BT Case Study Telephone Case 1    AV Injection BBC Case Study Telephone Case 2
                                                AV Injection BBC Case Study Telephone Case

Do the parts consistently match the customers NEW approved sample? Has the burn mark on the tool face shown any signs of reappearing? And finally does it require any further venting etc. At the end of the production run, the tool was signed off, and a setting sheet was filled out so the exact settings can be used next time.
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