Friday 9 October 2015

New Machine - Quality Control Investment | AV Injection

New Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

AV Injection have added yet another Billion H775/200 high performance Plastic Injection Moulding machine to expand AV Injection's state of the art range of machines. This addition now brings our range of plastic injection moulding machines to 34, with the capacity to mould up to 6.2 kg in material. Billion machinery is our machine brand of choice because Billion machines allow full control in a close loop microprocessor system on all the machine movements. This process allows precision tooling for our customers products as we can use the minimum amount of pressure, temperature and speed whilst continuing to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

Manufacturing Products Quality Control Investment

AV injection have invested into the latest technology in Manufacturing Products Quality Control by using vision systems to detect any faulty products and flagging them up before they are received by the customer. The vision system picks up any discrepancies’ between a pre loaded perfect moulding and comparing it to the newly produced mouldings. This system works in milliseconds and rules out any human error or misjudgement.

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