Friday 13 May 2016

AV Injection | Zero Landfill Company

We are a Zero Landfill Company!

AV Injection is very proud to announce that they are a Zero Landfill Company. The Directors pride themselves in this fact and maintain ever effort to continue to Zero Landfill. Any plastic parts are regrind then reuse or sold on the external companies to be used to manufacture other parts. Cardboard and paper waste is recycle back into cardboard, metal cans and any metal work is sent away to be recycled locally. Waste oil is collected and recycled by an outside contractor turned into fuel or reused. Broken or waste pallets are repaired, reused or used as fuel. General waste is collected by local collected and sorted and distributed to local recycling plants.
All wastes collected by ICS vehicles are delivered in to our purpose built Recycling Centre in Mansfield Nottinghamshire, Once the vehicle has discharged its load the contents are checked and sorted by machine and by hand, Depending the types of material recovered will depend on its final destination, Wastes that are not recyclable are sent for Incineration, which in turn provides heat and power to Nottingham City Centre.
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